Ms. Venturino's Science - Week 15

November 9-13, 2015

What we did this week

This week, students learned about living things and cells. It was a weird week for me because I was out on both Monday and Thursday, which were the two longer days we had science. So, I only got to check in with my science classes on Friday. I am pleased with their learning with my two great subs, and we will be able to pick up and move along with our lessons next week.

What's coming up next week

Next week we will focus on energy processes in cells, including photosynthesis and cellular respiration. This will be the last new things we will learn for the semester, and I'm planning to have a lot of fun next week.

After Thanksgiving break, students will work on an in-class project to review everything they learned this semester. I will provide more details on this after Thanksgiving break.

Missing Assignments Due by Sunday December 13th at 8pm!

ALL missing work for Ms. Venturino's science and AVID classes will be due on Sunday December 13th at 8:00pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please add this to your calendar, and plan ahead!

If you need help, here's what you can do:
* Saturday Academy (Ms. V is planning to be available on Saturday, December 6th)
* Before school tutoring in the library, Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
* Lunch tutoring in room 508, Monday through Friday
* Science VSP on Monday November 16th (Law of Conservation of Mass Lab Explain Everything)
* Ask Ms. Venturino for help before or after school
* Send Ms. Venturino a detailed email with your question

Important Upcoming Dates

December 13, 2015, 8pm: All missing work due. No exceptions.