Our Week in 4th Grade

Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Hester, Mrs. Schranz

This Week in Math

Unit 4: Fractions and Decimals

Students will continue to work with decimals and geometry. The focus in geometry is on identifying angles, measuring angles, identifying lines and symmetry. The students are enjoying learning more about geometry. They will have the opportunity to show what they have learned in geometry in a more artistic way!

IXL Topics:

Topic T: Multiply Fractions

Topic U: Decimals

This Week in Writing

Unit 5: Poetry

This week in writing the students will spend time learning about figurative language and practice using it in their own poetry writing. Also, the students will focus on the importance of word choice and how a single word can have great impact in poetry. This has been an enjoyable unit for the students and they have all experienced growth as a poetry writer.

This Week in Reading

Unit 5: Colonial America

The students are continuing to learn about Colonial America. They have learned to highlight the important information in nonfiction texts. They then take that information and write summaries. The students will be taking the unit 5 assessment on Friday of this week. On Wednesday, all fourth graders will be assessed on their fluency. This score will be reflected on the report card. Please continue to be sure that your child reads every day after school for 35 minutes. All AR reading goals must be achieved by May 20.
Thank you for your support!

Daily Homework

Reading: read for 35 minutes

Math: practice facts for 10 minutes, practice with TenMarks, Xtra Math, IXL and Prodigy

Important Dates

Thurs., May 12: Education Fair and Ice Cream Social @ 6:30-8

Fri., May 20: Wendella Boat Field Trip