This week in class....

August 26 - August 30

Curriculum Night

Thursday August 29th at 6:30

Labor Day Holiday

Monday September 2nd

Fall Pictures

Thursday September 5th

Early Release/Parent Conferences

Friday September 13th

Grandparent's Day

Friday September 27th

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Curriculum Night

I do encourage you to attend curriculum night on Thursday. Come with questions that could pertain to the entire class. I will also have a conference sign up sheet if you feel the need to meet at this point. Curriculum night is not the time to discuss your child's individual progress.

Name on Papers

It is extremely important that ALL students put their name on their papers. If I have several papers with no name it is hard to decipher whose is whose. This could also result in an incorrect grade for your child. I lay the pages out on the table and the students have to pick which is theirs. So, your child could pick the wrong paper.

As a result, I do deduct 10 points on assignments that do not have a name written somewhere on them.

School Yearbook Pictures

Pictures will be on Thursday September 5th. Students MUST wear their burgundy shirts and khakis for the pictures.

Composition Notebooks

We use composition notebooks in the classroom for each subject. We share a book for Science and Social Studies. Your child will have a test over the Water Cycle this week. They have brought home their notebook to study. Please have them read over the information and diagram that covers the Water Cycle.

We use these books everyday and they are also graded after each unit. If your child losses papers that are to be placed in their notebooks, then it is their responsibility to use mine to fix theirs. Please do not lose this book at home. Make sure that if your child brings theirs home to study that it is returned each day. If we add to it and your child does not have theirs, then they will be behind.

Behavioral Chart

Today we started out behavioral chart. I have attached a picture of our chart below. There are six levels: Outstanding Day, Good Day, Think About Choices, Slow Down, Warning, and Parent Contact.

Students will be asked to move their clips down the chart for not following directions or the rules of the school and classroom. I do believe that everyone can have a bad morning and can redirect themselves for the remainder of the day. If a students moves to Slow Down they are asked to step out into the hallway and count to 10. This is called "hitting our reset buttons". If a child redirects their behavior throughout the day and has not passed the Slow Down level then they will be allowed to move back to Good Day before leaving.

All students start each day fresh and new on Outstanding Day. At the end of the day the students will color a colored circle in their agenda to indicate how their day went.

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Specials Schedule

Monday - PE

Tuesday - Latin

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Art

Friday - PE

Weekly Test

Wednesday 8/28

Science Test - Water Cycle

Friday 8/21

Reading Test - Who Works Here?

Spelling Test

Weekly Homework

Monday - Spelling Square, Math Worksheet, Study for Water Cycle Test

Tuesday - Spelling Square, Latin Worksheet, Study for Water Cycle Test

Wednesday - Spelling Square

Thursday - Spelling Square, Fresh Reads Worksheet, Read Who Works Here?

Spelling Words

Words with the long i sound














Spelling Test

I give the students a bonus word on their spelling list each week. The word is worth an additional 5 points. If the word is missed it does not count against them. I will also read a sentence which contains one or two of the spelling words. The students will be required to write the sentence as I speak it. This is graded as part of their spelling test. I count off for not using punctuation, misuse of capital letters and spelling previously learned words incorrectly.

Every quarter when report cards are processed students with a 100 average for spelling will be moved to a harder list.

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