One of saturns moons

Background of Mimas

Mimas is the seventh of Saturn's known moons in order of orbit. It is also the seventh largest moon of Saturn but is the 20th largest in the solar system. Its known to be the smallest moon to have its shape rounded by its own gravity.


Mimas was discovered by Sir William Herschel who is a British astronomer. It was discovered 1789 and mostly everything we know about Mimas was discovered during the two voyager missions.


The surface of Mimas is heavily cratered Saturn's moon Mimas has a massive crater known as Hershel. Mimas is 242 miles and the Hershel crater takes up 1/3 of the space on the moon. Its surface is made up of mostly ice and water. Mimas is the most crater poked surface in our solar system.

Orbit info

Orbital eccentricity: (0.0202) Orbital degrees: 1.53 Orbital period: (23 hours) Distance to earth: (790.1 million miles). Gravity: 0.064 m/s2) (Orbits the planet: Saturn.)

Takes half the time to orbit Saturn as Tethys a sister moon.

Interesting facts

At a certain angle, mimas looks like a bulls eye. Scientists were researching the colors to use to represent mimas but found false colors so they have new research from 2005.

People pronounce mimas by saying my- mass or mee-mass.

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Saturn's Moon: Mimas Rotation