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England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

It is located between France, Ireland, Norway and Denmark.

It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

It is located North East of America and across the Atlantic Ocean.

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In 1894 London's Tower Bridge was completed.

The Lake District in the North is famous for its lakes.

The largest open space in the Southern region is Dart Moor. It is surrounded by valleys and rocky land.


England's flag is seen in the picture to the right.

It is different from the British flag which is called the Union Jack.


The main language is English, but there are different sounds for words and different names for things.


  1. Trousers= pants
  2. Vest= under shirt
  3. Nappy= diaper


In most of the months there is a lot of precipitation.

Queen Elizabeth 2

She has been Queen of England since 1951.

her husband is called the Duke. He is not the King.

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Interesting Info

Did you know that the Beatles, a famous rock band, were British?

Liverpool is a city in England.

The last summer Olympics was in London England.

William Shakespeare was born in England and was a famous writer who wrote Romeo and Juliet.

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The London Philharmonic plays different kinds of music such as: rock, jazz and folk.


71.6% Christian

23.1% Unspecified

2.7% Muslim

1.6% Other

1% Hindu


  1. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter
  2. Lent is a holiday were they do not eat rich food. Instead, they have a pancake race.


Include the following:

  1. Tea Time is served between 4 and 5 P.M.
  2. Eton Mess is strawberries and cream ( one of the Princes' favorite foods)
  3. Fish and chips (chips=fries)


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