Elvis Presley

King of rock


Elvis Presley, born January 8th 1935 in a small town called Tupelo, Mississippi little did his parents know that this child would become the king of rock, get drafted to Germany, die on a toilet, and be remembered for decades.


Early Life

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo mississippi on January 8th 1935 at a very young age he was exposed to lots of music such as gospel, blues and country witch would later influence his music style. he was 18 when he made his first commercial recording with Sam Phillips and graduated high school and whent on to become the king of rock and roll



Elvis was influenced by many musical styles, people, and experiences along the way. For instance when he was creating his music the styles blues, gospel, and country influenced it, Sam Phillips was the first to believe in his music and commercially record him, His manager Colonel Parker helped him book his concerts, and he was drafted into German and rose to the ranks of Sargent in the cold war.


Their Music

As you may know Elvis was a very famous rock musician, he had many hits such as "All Shook Up”, “Don't Be Cruel”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Hound Dog”, “Jailhouse Rock”, and “Love Me Tender”. What you may not know is that he was one of the leading rock singers of the 1950s-60s, his first picked up his guitar and made his first commercial recording in 1954 and from there he only whent up, people started calling him the king of rock.


Time Period

Elvis was born in 1935 right around the time that the cold war was starting up which means that he had to grow up with the constant idea of being bombed, but it also meant that he was born in a time when constant technological advancements where being set in motion, he also got drafted to Germany which interrupted his Hollywood career.

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