Africa Rising

The steps Africa is taking to better the country.

Economy & Food

Africa is starting to turn around.Their economy is growing faster than Europe’s and America’s and is said to rise even higher in the next five years. The number of electoral democracies in Africa has risen to 18. American foreign aid helped pay the start of the food fortification. The food fortification is adding vitamins and minerals to food staples.The biggest flour mill, which is in Mauritania, has begun to adding iron,zinc, folic acid,and vitamin B12 to the flour they produce. This is one of the most cost-effective interventions to save lives.


Children in Niger are routinely vaccinated for measles and given vitamin A drops to prevent blindness and death, even though the country is very poor. Also, River blindness has decreased, and Burkina Faso is giving drugs to pregnant mothers to prevent the transmission of H.I.V.

Schooling & Technology

More children are in school and more girls. Primary school enrollment in Sub-Saharan Africa has increased 5X as quickly since 1999 as it did in the previous decade. Covered wells with clean water, solar panels, and better roads with motorcycles and trucks cover the continent. Cell phones make the world of a family much larger because they can now find jobs and markets.

Great Decisions

- Botswana in southern Africa gained its independence in 1967, and they found a huge diamond mine that same year. Botswana's government used the money from the mine to do public projects like make better roads and clean drinking water.

- Open economy is becoming popular in Africa which is increasing trade.

- Ghana has peaceful transitions of power.

- There are more vaccinations.