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This Week...

Dear Staff,

I hope that everyone has had a restful break ans has enjoyed time with loved ones and time for yourself.

We'll get back in the swing of things with a review of our expectations for students. We'll have the expectation expedition starting at 8:50 on Monday.

Have a great week and welcome back.


Expectation Expedition

Please click the link below (the one that says "Sign in- Google Accounts") to see a copy of the expedition schedule.

Professional Development $$

We have some resources this year for professional development. Please let me know if you are interested in attending a conference, getting a sub to observe another teacher, or spending some time working on a special project. Site Council will field requests based on the relevance to our Continuous Improvement Plan.

Growth Mindset and Math - An Article Review from the Marshal Memo

Does a Growth Mindset Make Students Better Math Problem-Solvers?

​“Having a positive mindset in math may do more than just help students feel more confident about their skills and more willing to keep trying when they fail,” reports Sarah Sparks in this article in Education Week. “It may prime their brains to think better.” Recent neuroscientific research at Stanford University is showing how students’ beliefs about math learning can produce more efficient brain activity. Lang Chen and his colleagues studied elementary students’ brains with fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and found that those with a “growth” mindset about math did better at spotting correct and incorrect math problems than those with a “fixed” mindset, even after controlling for differences in IQ, age, working memory, readinglevel, and math anxiety. The brains of students with high positive-mindset levels had greater activity and faster, smoother connections in the areas associated with quickrecall of facts and math problem-solving.

​“This is very, very exciting,” said Stanford professor Carol Dweck (who was not part of this research project). “My hunch is that often in the fixed mindset your mind is preoccupied with ‘Is this hard?’ ‘Will I look smart?’ ‘What will happen if I don’t do this?’ ‘I’m not good at math,’ instead of getting that brain ready to do it.” It’s analogous to warming up a car on a cold morning before driving off – the engine isprimed to work more efficiently. The key insight from this research is that the brain isn’t compartmentalized, with motivation separate from math problem-solving. “The emotion and thought structures in the brain are totally entwined, totally docked in the brain,” says Mary Helen Immordino-Yang at the University of Southern California. “If you are trying to do math and worrying about whether you are going to fail or not, rather than the process of doing math… that is not deep learning.”

​Chen and Jo Boaler (also at Stanford) are hard at work on figuring out how to help students shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. “Mindset can change quite a lot across age and grade level,” says Chen, “so we really want to see how that change can relate to different brain functions and different math achievement.”

“In Math, Positive Mindset May Prime Students’ Brains” by Sarah Sparks in Education Week, December 9, 2015 (Vol. 35, #14, p. 6),

Growth Mindset at Parkdale Elementary

The Growth Mindset strategy of the week this week is...

· Telling our students, “You can!” everyday.

Other ideas that we came up with as a staff are linked below:

Teaching the Mountaineer Expectations: Week 15

Week 15:

The focus this week is on re-teaching our expectations. Take the opportunity to re-establish what you expect for student behavior in your classroom and while transitioning.

Events This Week...

This Week:​​​​​​

Monday 1/4

8:50 AM - PBIS Expectations Expedition


Tuesday 1/5

Elem. Principal Mtg. – Gus​​​

2:20 PM BEST Meeting


Wednesday 1/6

2:25 PM PLC Leader Mtg (Office)

2:45 PM Growth Coach Mtg


Thursday 1/7

2:20 PM – Growth Coach Session: Number Talks (Video)​, in Holly's room


Friday 1/8


​8:00 AM Head Lice Check – Going to each classroom

Lunch Time - Tasting Table – Lentils​

2:10 PM – Reading Intervention Meeting​

Upcoming Dates

• 1/11 ​ExCEL Starts

• 1/11​ 2:20 Site Council Meeting (Shelly’s Room)

• 1/12​ 2:20 PBIS Committee Meeting – (Sischo’s RM)

• 1/13​ 2:25 Staff Meeting

• 1/13​ 6:00 – 7:00 PM PTO Meeting

• 1/14​ 2:20 PM – IEP Meeting

• 1/15​ Green Day​

• 1/15​ 2:10 PM – Reading Intervention Meeting​

Have a great week!!

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