From the Halls of Brownsville

These Are the Days of Your Children's Lives

New Things on the Horizon

We started a new TFK unit today which places increased emphasis on reading the cover story. On Monday, the students all read the article. Their homework is to read it again tonight. Tomorrow, they will read it with a partner and then answer questions. They will read the cover story again tomorrow night and take a quiz on if on Wednesday. Then they will have the worksheet due Thursday and the magazine quiz on Friday. The cover story focus will allow us to focus on reading comprehension and fluency.

Tomorrow we will launch our Greek and Latin root word study in class. This will run at the same time as our regular word study. All Students will participate. Most of this work will be done in class, but the students may have an assignment to come home and amaze you with their ability to decipher Greek and Latin-derived words.

Force, Motion & Energy Test

You will find your child's test in their Monday folder. Overall, they did very well and gave me well thought out answers and showed a good understanding of the material. We are now beginning our Native Virginians unit. This is the unit formerly known as the Virginia Indians unit.

Veteran's Day Visit

The students had a big treat as Major Kristy Radio came to class and gave a presentation to the class on Veteran's Day and what is means to serve your country. The biggest message that hit home was how many of the students know someone or have a family member who is serving or has served in the military. Thanks again to Major Radio! In the photo below, you can see that Riordan has enlisted and will no longer be in class.
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