Taylor Swift

An Amazing Singer

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift made many songs that involved country and hip hop. She also won many awards. Taylor is a great song writer and a great singer. She has made many accomplishments and influences in her life.

Taylor Swift's Life

Taylor Swift was born in December 13,1989. She was raised in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. She soon moved to Nashville at the age of 14 for a career.Taylor Swift has a brother named Austin, A mother named Andrea, And a father named Scott. Taylor Swift first started to become a musician when she played the guitar at age ten. Taylor had a grandmother that was a professional opera singer then Taylor started following her footsteps into becoming a famous singer. At age 12 she started writing her own songs. She was the youngest song writer. Taylor became famous when she was around age 14.


Taylor Swift's favorite song was ''You belong with me.'' She won many awards such as in 2009 she got an award at MTV music awards she won for best Female video. In 2007 she won the Horizon Award from the country music association. (CMA) And also won the Academy of Country Music Award for top female vocalist. ''Silent Night'' and ''Santa Baby'' had been the hits on the country charts for her. Taylor's song ''You belong with me.'' was one of the biggest USA hit songs.


Taylor Swift held top-secret fan streaming session in for 1989. She was named Bill boards woman of the year. She was influencing people or kids by saying things like''believe you can do anything you want.'' Taylor is a positive person and made others happy and to not give up on their dreams. Taylor created a holiday. She was named most ''charitable star'' Three years in a row.
You might have learned a lot about Taylor's life and her accomplishments and also her influences you might think she has a lot of things to have as a famous singer. Taylor Swift wouldn't be a singer if her grandmother was not an opera singer. Taylor made a lot of changes in her types of music such as hip hop and country. I think she is an amazing singer so might you.