Gene Therapy & the human Genome prj

Jorge Bautista


The Human Genome project was an international effort to map the sequence of all our genes, collectively known as a genome. A very significant moment in human history due to the potential medical benefits. The HGP gives us the ability to read nature's complete genetic blue prints for humans.

Gene Therapy involves a procedure in which humans are given healthy genes in order to make up for faulty genes or prevent disease.

  • use of GT to help treat people with Genetic disorders and various human illnesses
  • We can replace unhealthy mutated genes that cause diseases with healthy genes
  • We can inactivate mutated genes that are functioning improperly
  • We can introduce new genes to help the body fight a disease
  • 2 different methods of Gene therapy:
  1. ex vivo: Outside the body
  2. in vivo: inside the body

  • GT is currently being tested and studied to make sure that it is safe and effective for humans,
  • GT Currently only being tested for treatment for diseases that have no other cure

Advantages of HGP and Gene Therapy

  • People suffering with genetic disorders finally have found a way of relief from their disorders
  • Carriers of certain genetic predisopositions can go through gene therapy to eliminate the disorder/disease, Ultimately wiping out the disorder/disease.
  • Can potentially cure diseases/disorders instead of just relieving symptoms from the diseases/orders

Disadvantages of Gene Therapy

  • Current Gene therapy is based on theory and needs to be tested for safety
  • Gene therapy therapy research has concluded that the benefits are only short termed and further practice and research is necessary to make the benefits of gene therapy permanent
  • Due to the nature of science, drug therapy is deemed safer than gene therapy due to testability
  • Current gene research has not mastered the placement of genes, so there is a potential for err where the gene could be inserted into an undesired destination that could do more harm than good.