Digital Citizenship

Avery P; Period 5

Rule 1; Digital Etiquette

Never treat someone badly; This means to always treat someone how you want to be treated. Especially on anything digital, like the internet.

Rule 2; Information Privacy

Always read the terms of use and never give personal information to a site that you can't trust; This means that whenever you want to give out personal information, always know who that person or website is, and what they are to do with it.

Rule 3; Social Networking

Never post anything on the internet that you don't want anyone to see; Always be aware of who is looking at it and who will take it the way you want them to.

Rule 4; Online Safety

Never give out personal information to the internet; Whenever you try a new website, always know to not give out personal information like your name, email, and even your birthday.

Rule 5; Cyber bullying

Never be rude or mean to people online. That is cyber bullying; If someone is mean to you on the internet, never fight back... even with words. Take a few moments before you reply so that you don't be mean back.

Rule 6; Plagiarism

Never steal anybody's work and use it as your own; Never steal anyone's work because you can face harsh consequences.

Rule 7; Copyright

Never use something copyrighted for a book, essay, song, etc.; If something has the copyright logo on it, that means that it is not allowed to be used for anything, so don't steal or use it.
Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the rules on using the internet properly and how to stay safe. It also teaches you how to handle cyberbullies. Digital Citizenship can cover things like: Digital Etiquette, Information Privacy, Social Networking, Online Safety, Cyber bullying, Plagiarism, and Copyright.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practices?

It is necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practices because everyone needs to know and understand the ways of Digital Citizenship. It keeps everyone safe and happy on the internet. That way, nobody can be mean or disrespectful on any digital site.