Flavor Chemist

By Jeasica Christoffer

Flavor Chemists are also known as Flavorists

What Do You Do As A Flavor Chemist?

Flavor Chemists enhance natural flavors and create new ones using various scientific applications and creative thinking. They examine characteristics of proteins, fats, starches, and carbohydrates. They also create flavors that smell better,have a more distinct taste, and last longer than natural flavors. Flavor Chemists reformulate flavors so that they don't irritate consumer allergies. Flavorists develop flavors that stay sharp even when put through methods of food preparation like processing, freezing, cooking, or boiling. Another thing flavor chemists do is determine the role that each food component has in a food or flavor and how the role is effected by additives.

Education Requirements

A masters degree in chemistry is recommended and many times a 5-7 year apprenticeship is needed. Math and Chemistry as well as foods classes are beneficial to high school students.

Salary Range and Job Outlook

Between $30,581-$89,396 with the average salary being $77,740 in 2013. Food Chemists are expected to grow by 11% in employment from 2012-2020.