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War Hero Lt. Aharon Karov in Montreal!

Come to hear this amazing life story first hand!

Lt. Aharon Karov is a well known Israeli war hero who, days after his wedding, survived critical, life threatening injuries sustained in battle during Operation Cast Lead. Lt. Karov actually left his bride and his wedding guests to join his unit, stationed on Israel's southern border.

Attached is a LINK to a page about Lt. Aharon Karov, which briefly tells his story and includes a short YouTube video about him.

His father, Rabbi Zeev Karov, who served as the official spokesman for the Union of Hesder Yeshivot, is a very powerful and inspirational leader in Israel. In addition to his famous book on Jewish principles of faith "Da Ma Shetashiv La'atzmecha", he has written a very moving page-turner about the miraculous recovery of his son, titled Balevav Penima (Deep in the heart).

Belevav Penima was a best seller in Israel, read by people of every social, political and religious stripe within the country. Aharon and his father are now on a tour in Canada, launching the English edition at several communities. We are privileged to have the opportunity of having Aharon speaking at the KTM center.

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Brunch with war hero Lt. Aharon Karov

Sunday, May 4th, 9:30am

5700 Kellert Ave., Cote St. Luc, Qc, H4W 1T4 514.486.5718

Please join us after the 8:30am Shacharit for a brunch with a spectacular speaker, Aharon Karov, in honor of Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut.

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אהרון קרוב aharon karov מתורגם לאנגלית

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