Snow leopard

Snow leopard

About snow leopards

Snow leopards live on mountains and they eat meat snow leopards can leap up to 10m.

Snow leopards have very thick fur.


The snow leopard lives with the cat family

What snow leopards eat


Some snow leopards live in Antartica and snow leopards really live

In central Asia


Some Snow leopards are white and some are gray snow leopards have brown spots and some have black spots at the end of the tail it is black.


Snow leopards are slightly smaller than big cats but they range sizes. They can weigh between 27 and 55 kg. Males can reach 75kg and small females of under 25 kg.

They hav sort body, measuring in length from the head to the tail 75 to130 cm.

The tail is quite long at 80 to 100 cm. They have sort legs and stands 60 cm tall.

Where snow leopards can be found?

This link will show you the map of where they can be found.