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Budgettime in the LMC

Not to be confused with the 1995 hit by Snoop Dogg and Warren G, Summertime in the LBC, we are in the process of putting together our budget for the 2016-2017 school year.

Our goal is to make sure the resources available through the library support the curricular needs of our teachers and students as well as the interests of our school community. Our budget has three main components, Supplies, Materials, and Database Subscriptions.

Supplies include but are not limited to; consumable items (DVDs, cases, etc), book repair supplies, office supplies, book ends and other library items, as well as video equipment.

Materials include all print and AV items including, books, magazines, newspapers, audio-books, and videos.

In addition to supplies and materials, databases are ordered through the library. These are subscription services that provide users with content not available through Google Searching. The types of resources found here are the resources that students are expected to use for college level research. There are also many great tools available to help users access articles and videos in all of the content areas. Several of the services are designed for high school students and teachers. Click here to access the link to these tools.

Below, please find import information relating to the budget process and ways that it may affect you.