Critique of Flipped Video

Alexandra Woods

Part 1: What do you see?

This flipped video gives a good overall lecture for the students. They all were able to get a handle on the life cycle. The cycle example that was shown was not visible during the video and this could make it difficult for some students. The slides where very inviting and easy to read. In addition to this the audio and visual input of the teacher were very clean and crisp. Having the video and the face on the screen gives students the ability to connect to the teacher and also feel as though their teacher is still there teaching the material. I would have added examples for the students to also look over or more pictures for the kids to get excited about, but overall I would not change that much.

Part 2: Student Learning

The students did not have an assignment given during the viewing of this video. The students would be able to just watch this and then immediately forget the information. The information was given in a clear and concise manor. The video can be taken to the next level by having some type of activity for the students to do or some kind of worksheet. The options are endless, but the video as it stands should be taken to the next level for students to be able to learn and not just watch.

Overall was a great piece of work for students to learn from, with a little bit of extra work it can be even better source for students to learn from.