Kids Heart Art!

Encourage creativity by bringing kiddos to Wine & Design!

We're frequently asked, "Are kids welcome at Wine & Design?"

Of course they are! Don't let the "wine" in our name fool you. We love having young, budding artists in the studio! We even have classes specifically for them! Our Art Buzz Kids classes are typically offered every other Sunday at 2pm, have kid-friendly themes, and are completely alcohol free.

To view our upcoming Art Buzz Kids events, simply visit our online calendar, and click the "Art Buzz Kids" option at the top portion of the screen. There, you can see all kids' classes we have planned for the month, as well as being able to purchase tickets!

A safe, fun environment to bring out the master artist that lives within every child!

Book your child's next party with us!

Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, school event, or just because, we'd love to help you celebrate! Booking an Art Buzz Kids party with us pretty much ensures your child will think you're the coolest parent/guardian on the planet, as well as removing basically all host-of-the-party stress! The set up, entertainment, and clean up will all be taken care of by us. You'll earn the cool points with minimal effort!

Art Buzz Kids private party information:
  • 10 kid minimum ($25 per child)
  • Additional kids only $15 each.
  • Host picks date, time, and painting.
  • Guests can bring any food or drink they wish (except alcohol)
  • Balloons and other party decorations welcome

Our Mommy & Me classes are a perfect way to bond with your child

For only $40 you paint one side, your child paints the other, and they come together to create one beautiful, sentimental work of art!

Many Mommy & Me paintings can be made to accommodate more than one child, with each additional canvas costing only $10.