Abbey's Book Review

A Banner Bold- Nadia Wheatly

Introduce The Book

The book i am going to tell you about is A Banner Bold.This book is the diary of Rosa Aarons but the author is Nadia Wheatly.

Tell About The Book

A Banner Bold is a book about a girl named Rosa Aarons who travelled with her family (her father and mother) from London to Australia (antipodes) to go to the goldfields in Ballarat 1854.She has a friend called Tom and learns and meets new things and people along the way.

Favourite Part In The Book

I don't really have a favourite part of the book because the whole book is great by itself and gets better every page.


I would recommend this book to people who are in year 6 and older and to people who like reading about the old days for e.g World War Two ,The Gold Rush and British Settlement type of books. If you like this book there is a series called My Story that are good books like a Banner Bold