Resource Teachers Weekly Update

Week of 3/23-3/27

Mr. Black

This week we will be using a set of reflections and checklists to assist ourselves and our in setting up and preparing for the adventure in distance learning.

Next week: we will begin a review of Brainwise with the twist of including the application to distance learning and applying them in the new environments.

Mr. Cetro

This week, students in math and Wilson language will be greeted with a video introduction and tutorial of our new virtual classroom, accompanied by an agenda for the day. Students are asked to fill out a feedback form on our plan for learning for the time being. Students in math are asked to complete 15 minutes of Prodigy while students in Wilson are asked to upload a video of them reading a sentence aloud to practice technology use.

Next week, students in math will begin working in the ratios and proportions unit by working through learning target 1 and beginning learning target 2.

Next week, students in Wilson Language will resume instruction in reading.

Mrs. Doerr

3rd hour A/B days:

Friday - Students will be introduced to our digital classroom and will review expectations moving forward

Next week - Students will apply previously learned skills to communicating digitally.

6th hour A/B days:

Friday - Students will be introduced to our digital classroom and will review expectations moving forward

Next week - A day: Students will use V/V strategies to complete reading comprehension passages. Students will use strategies to define vocabulary words.

B day: Students will use SIMS strategy to continue work with compound sentences. Students will use strategies to define vocabulary words.

Mr. Downey

This week my students will be asked to join Google Classroom for Corrective Reading and Learning Strategies. IEP Math has already been using Google Classroom. Parents and Guardian will also be invited. Corrective Reading students will also be invited to join and use Khan Academy. IEP Math students have already been using Khan Academy and will be introduced to using as an online tool. Students will review the routines and strategies for digital distance learning, the proper use of Zoom, and how to contact me for support when and as needed.

Next week: Corrective Reading students will review how to identify key ideas and details from realistic and fictional reading selections and answer comprehension questions. IEP Math students will review finding the probability of rolling a single die, drawing from a deck of 52 cards and using a spinner. They will then begin a unit on Variables, Expressions, and Equations. Learning Strategies students will review school behaviors and organization skills and develop a personal plan of action to share with me.

Mrs. Hennekes

This week students reviewed the new routines for E-Learning in English and Learning Strategies. They signed into the class Readworks and Google Classroom accounts. Parents you have been invited to be part of Google Classroom as well! Please feel free to get onto Google Classroom each day to see what your child is working on for class.

Next week English 7 will begin our Hunger Games novel and English 8 will begin working on the Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Essays. In Learning Strategies next week students will practice note taking.

Ms. McDaniel

This week will be an overview of classroom and zoom expectations. I will be explaining how each day will look in our new online learning. I will also give a few easy to answer question-responses to get the students back into the habit of school.

3rd hour A/B: We will review and support what is being learned in their math and ela classes with Khan Academy and Google Classroom.

7th hour: We will begin with to explore and review in the areas of reading comprehension and written expression with articles in NewsELA and CommonLit.

Mrs. Melloway

This week we will review classroom expectations, and how those apply to Zoom.

Students will practice logging in to and accessing Google Classroom, applications in Google, Unique Learning Systems, EPIC!, Readworks, Mystery Science and Quizzizz.

ELA: Review previously taught reading comprehension and basic reading strategies. Apply these strategies to reading material within Unique Learning Systems, EPIC! And Readworks reading selections. Review previously taught writing strategies. Apply these strategies to develop 3-5 sentence writing about a selected topic using digital writing tools.

Vocational Skills: Review previously taught social skills strategies in Zones of Regulation, review rating systems (Independence, Prompts, and Modeling) for Hard Skill and Employability Skills and create in-home jobs routines for students, complete evaluation of in-home job, and review career clusters and review one career cluster.

Math: Review previously taught math strategies for addition. Complete addition activities within Unique Learning Systems using previously taught math strategies.

Science/Social Studies: Review previously taught vocabulary for the Scientific Method, as well as vocabulary for unit of study in Unique Learning Systems. Read and complete activities for weekly news article, as well as complete map skills activities, experiment and cooking activity.

Ms. Pangelinan

This week students should have logged onto our google classroom page. Parents are invited to our classroom page as well. Please accept the invitation so you are able to see assignments for your child. All students should check their email for login information for iXL.

Wilson Reading: Students will listen to audio recordings of our class novel and fill out a response. They will practice reading 4.1 wordlist and record times in a log and create 5 sentences using words from the wordlist. Students will review step 3.1 by completing workbook pages in classroom and practice sentence reading with an audience member. On Friday, Students will read a comprehension story and answer questions as part of our progress monitoring.

ELA 8: We will be on a poetry unit. They will share their experience with poetry and after watching a video, answer the question: What makes a poem a poem? Students will be required to identify and use 12 poetry terms. I have added a quizzlet and double sided flashcards in classroom to help them review terms. Students will also log onto iXL and complete assigned comprehension activities.

Learning Strategies Math: Students will be completing assigned lessons in iXL.

Learning Strategies ELA: Students will listen to audio recordings of our class novel and fill out a response. Students will also be completing assigned reading comprehension lessons in iXL.

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