Canham Update

5th grade


Please consider donating money and/or lottery tickets to help fill the "money" tree that 5th grade will be donating to the carnival! It was a very popular item last year and it was even more FUN to win! Yes, I was the lucky one to win the tree but did not walk away a millionaire. :) Send your donation in an envelope to school. We appreciate your support.

Help needed for Door Decoration.

I am in need of a couple parents to help our class with our door decoration for the Winter Carnival. The theme this year is Pirates. Please contact me via e-mail if you would like to come in this week to help.

5th Grade Website

Click above to see what we will focus on for 3rd Quarter!

Wax Museum Project

Soon students will be introduced to the Wax Museum project where they will create an ABC book on a famous person from history. They will have SOME class time to be researching and making their book but they will need to work on it at home as well. More information will be coming out the last week of January. Students will have the whole month to complete the project. The Wax Museum will be at the end of February.

Biz Town

On Feb. 19th we will be going to JA Biz Town. Students have been learning all about how to manage money, write/deposit checks, and the economy! They will use what they learn to have a successful day at Biz Town where they will hold a job, make money, and spend the money at the shops of Biz Town. We will need parent volunteers for this wonderful experience. Please watch for more details later this month!