A Real, American Draft

with football and beer and shit

$200. 15 players. 1 shot.

This is it. You've run the numbers. You've read the reports. You've watched the pre-season. Time to put it to the test: are you smarter than you look? Can you do this, or will you fuck it up all over again?

Real American League Draft

Sunday, Aug. 31st, 8pm

1122 Brockman Drive Southeast

Cedar Rapids, IA

If you are in Cedar Rapids, or want to live draft in Cedar Rapids, this is the place to be. Draft will begin promptly at 8p.m. God's Time, 9 Eastern.
8:00 - Begin Draft.
8:01 - Mock Danny for "accidentally" bidding $75 on Gore.
8:30 - Shit, do I have a QB yet?
9:00 - Well, a third QB can't hurt.
12:00 - Sam declares someone the winner. It is wildly inaccurate.