"For the Love of Lit"

WCHS Reading Campaign Update

August - December 2015 Library Events

The WCHS Reading Campaign has been in full swing this year starting with a fun filled first half of the school year. In August, students began the year trying to "Guess the Reader" behind their favorite book. We had teachers take a picture behind their favorite book and we made a bulletin board display. September, we created an "I Spy" bulletin board and had daily incentives for students to find the item and come into the library. October, we did a Vampires vs. Zombies contest and ended the week with a photo booth in the media center. We pulled several books with vampire and zombie content and encouraged students to read this particular genre and vote on which they liked. November, we did a Turkey QR challenge. The bulletin board outside the library had a turkey and on each of its feathers there was a QR code in which they had to scan and find the corresponding book inside the library using Destiny. Most read the books and were given a treat! In December we held our Family Literacy Night. This night included faculty, students, and community members and involved grades PreK-12. All these activities combined made for a very successful first half of the year in the media center.

January to Present Library Events

Reading Incentives for February and March

In February, the students participated in a "Why I love my Library" Valentines activity. Students wrote reasons why they love their library and received small participation prizes as well as two students won Kindles. During the month of March we celebrated Read Across America week and Dr. Seuss's Birthday. We had daily dress down themes, a read-a-thon, and a photo booth. One lucky student won an iPad mini for her participation in our activities. We recently had students guess the number of jelly beans that were in a jar and the student that got the closest won an iPad mini. I have several students working on creating a video about our media center that will hopefully promote reading and increase the usage of Destiny.

Circulation Statistics

January - we were present 14 days and 528 books were checked out

February - we were present 20 days and 657 books were checked out