Life of a Buffalo Soldiers

The origin a buffalo solider

In the 1860's there where.“African-American men known as buffalo soldiers served on the western frontier, battling Indians and protecting settlers”.During the Civil -war in the 1860’s there was African Americans that where allowed to enlist in the military during the War peace time because of the the of a legislation congress passed.Approximately 180,000 African Americans enlisted. as Buffalo Soldiers.
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The job of a Buffalo Soldier

The "military campaigns against hostile Native Americans on the Plains and across the Southwest. These buffalo soldiers also captured horse and cattle thieves, built roads and protected the U.S. mail, stagecoaches and wagon trains, all while contending with challenging terrain, inadequate supplies and discrimination".Buffalo soldiers did more than just fight Indians on the plain though .Buffalo soldiers helped built railroads ,and catch cattle thief's.Historians say that Buffalo solders got there name.By animals that they admired and there toughness in battle so they called them the Buffalo soldiers.
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As a result

Not only where there African Americans that where Buffalo soldiers but there was many other from different backgrounds. As well as former slaves that served as Buffalo soldiers.That earned there freedom by service a buffalo soldiers.

¨The men of the 9th and 10th Cavalry came from various social and economic backgrounds. Many were veterans of the Civil War. The ranks of the new cavalry units were filled with ex-slaves but they now had a new perspective–freedom¨.

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