3rd Grade News

February 24th to March 2nd

Hello From Third Grade

February is coming to an end! I guess any month goes quick when you have so many snow days or cold days. With so many missed days of school, we have so much to do. Please talk with your child about staying focused in school and putting forth their best each and every day:) I look forward to seeing everyone next week for conferences. I do encourage student attendance at the conference. There will not be a report card distributed at the conference as the marking period does not end until Friday, March 27th. Report cards will go home Thursday, April 2nd.



We wrapped up our Division unit on Tuesday. Your child's math test will be in their Friday Folder. Please make sure your child continues to work on mastering their multiplication facts if they have not already. We began our new unit on FRACTIONS this week. We learned that proper fractions are part of a whole and that a unit fraction is one part of the whole. Please encourage your child to look for examples of fractions around them.


Realistic Fiction

In writing we have learned so much about Realistic Fiction and now have a story idea. We have learned that our stories have to have what we call a... Heart of the Message. In other words, something has to tug on our hearts and make us learn from the story. We have also started to map out our stories by drawing a sketch of each scene step by step. Now we are writing our stories. This week we started by writing the "Actions" in each of the scenes.

Social Studies

Settlement in Michigan

We ended our last unit with explosion of the Fur Trade. We will learn how the British act like bullies and try to take over the Fur Trade that the Native American and the French explorers began. This causes a war (The French and Indian War) between the Natives and the French with the British. As a result the British bullies took over many of the Trading Posts. After this Chief Pontiac rebelled. This is known as "Pontiac's Rebellion". This ended with the Natives gaining back control over all their forts except for Fort. Detroit. Meanwhile, the English Colonists are settling in the 13 colonies. They too want to move west and find land to settle on. The King of England forms an imaginary line known as the Line of Proclamation. The English aren't happy and this is the result of the American Revolution. Thanks to the American Revolution, we now have the United States of America.


In Science students have learned about another example of Energy. They are learning about FORCES. They know that there are two types of forces. A Pull is a force that moves something toward you and a Push is something you move away from you. Students brought in great examples of both Pulls and Pushes. They will continue to learn about other forces such as Gravity and Friction.



Please remind your child to be working toward meeting their AR goal as the marking period is coming to an end on Friday, March 27th. In Reading we are focusing on Non-Fiction. The students have learned about many of the different features of a non-fiction text. Photographs, captions, maps, diagrams, bold words, vocabulary boxes, and italicized words are just a few of the features they have explored. We are also working on the Main Idea of a non-fiction piece of text. In other words, what the article is mostly about. Using text features can help us with this. We are also learning how to understand our non-fiction reading by thinking about cause/effect. In other words, what are some of the effects of things that happen. For example, we just read about Penguins. We learned that because of Global Warming, Penguins are having a difficult time finding food. Please expose your child to non-fiction whenever possible. The newspaper is a great resource.

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Compliment Friday: Where My Heart is Touched

Compliment Friday is the best way to end a long week of learning. Students share their heartfelt compliments to their peers. Recognizing someone for being a great friend, thanking someone for helping them understand when they didn't, apologizing for not doing the right thing, and recognizing someone's hard work and effort are just a few of the compliments shared during this time. Below is a video clip of Abby thanking me. Yes, even I get compliments.
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