AISD Libs Tips o' the Week 11-9-15


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Veteran's Day Read Alouds

Besides the Wall by Eve Bunting

Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

-Amy Gibbs, Widen Elem.

Nubs : the true story of a mutt, a Marine & a miracle

Dogs on duty : soldiers' best friends on the battlefield and beyond

Quiet Hero: The Ira Hayes Story

Tuesday Tucks Me In

The Poppy Lady

-Jenny Day, Lee Elem.

Year of the jungle - Collins, Suzanne.

-Don Bos, Metz Elem.

"I also like in Flanders Fields for older grades who are also doing poetry right now. I have a lovely version illustrated and annotated by Linda Granfield."

-Krish Stella, Blazier Elem.

Native American Heritage Month

If you contact Great Promise they can send dancers, drummers/singers, storytellers…

Jessica Scott, Education and Community Outreach Coordinator

Great Promise for American Indians


Thankful for Volunteers…

"I remember well when Dorothy Smith said, 'Feed your volunteers. Always have coffee or tea and some cookies in the work area when they come.'"

-Elizabeth Polk

"I would probably latch on to the Thankful/Thanksgiving theme and use Scholastic dollars to order some trinkets that say volunteer or a few paperback books that you can gift to them to share with their children."

-Christina Nelson, Odom Elem

"Create some bookplates and stick/glue them to the inside of a new book:

'In Honor of ______, Library Volunteer, 2015-2016' or

'In Grateful Appreciation of ______, etc.'

Then write the volunteer a thank-you card, and give the Spine label of the book.

The book will remain at Galindo and the volunteer will be remembered and honored each time the book is read.

You could also make a button or special nametag for the volunteers to wear."

-Nancy Quesada, Linder Elem

"I always have a basket of Hershey's kisses in my office (the kind I don't like so I don't eat them ) and volunteers are always welcome to get one when they come in to work."

-Minda Anderson, Becker Elem

"This is small, but I keep a candy jar near my volunteer stuff (behind my circ desk) that has a little sign saying "Volunteers- Have a treat! Thank you!)

I also buy my volunteers a book for their family during my book fair(s). But I've thought about doing a winter volunteer celebration and a spring one this year, since I'm new to Zilker and want to build relationships. I might just bring in some breakfast stuff and have it set up one day- nothing major or expensive."

-Rebecca Sharp, Zilker Elem.

"I write thank you cards periodically throughout the year. I also have a little Featured Volunteers area where I have them fill out a volunteer info sheet, I take a pic of them, glue it on, and display it. I also regularly give them props on Facebook and Twitter. AND, I give them hugs and heart-felt eye-to-eye verbal thanks."

-Amanda Braziel, Maplewood Elem.

"I do Thank you notes throughout the year sometimes with treats attached."

-Dusty Alderson, Cook Elem

"Name plate in a new book placed in the library, volunteer gifts purchased from Scholastic catalog, baked goods, flowers, restaurant gift card ($20) at christmas, etc."

-Rita Painter, Menchaca Elem

"I keep a coffee station in my library office stocked with coffee, an electric teapot for hot tea, teabags, etc. I also usually have some cookies and galletitas (those cylindrical packages of lightly sweet crackers) out for any volunteer that wants some refreshment."

-Sara, Baldwin Elem.

Award winning librarians across the state...

The Winner of the 2015 TASL Distinguished Library Service Award for School Administrators offers us these thoughts towards improving our library programs.

Creating a Transformative Library Vision: TASL Winner Talks to Us

And from School Library Journal:

Meet the Recipients of the 2015 SLJ Build Something Bold Award

iBistro availability....

"In case you're interested in using this catalog slip it's attached here.

At Sanchez, we've been going over the whole procedure for using the library catalog and students in 3rd are getting the hang of it while 4th and 5th are getting even better at it. I still have not gone over it in Spanish but here's what I make copies of and cut , then place by each computer/device."

-Ana C. Loya, Sanchez Elem

Resolving printer creeeeeeeeep.....

"This is a how-to guide of what I do to create notices that fit on one page, all have the same top margins, don't suffer from margin creep, and don't create blank pages."

-Mary Faye Randolf, Paredes MS

How to download software form the AISD Network

"Use the following steps:

Click Start

Click All Programs

Click on Microsoft System Center

Click on configuration Manager

Cick on Software Center"

-Shelly May, Instructional Technology

Interested in donating to Libraries of Love....

"Donate Books to schools in Uganda:

Eddie Roach Media Director, Libraries of Love"

-Katherine King, Blanton Elem