Flipped Lesson Reflection

ED 514

The Video

Making a flipped video for the first time was more intimidating than I thought it would be. During site visits I have presented content to students and not been nervous. However, when I filmed for the first time I started again more times than I would like to admit. Maybe I am more critical of this presentation of content since I was able to replay it, whereas in the classroom you only have one chance to say something and it is said. Educators can reteach or say something again, but in the classroom they cannot simply delete a video and start over.

I think the content presented in the video was a strength, and a great way to introduce students to a period prior to traditional class time. I was also very organized with my story board prior to filming.

I would have liked to have done a better job of pacing and finding a proper balance of content for that length of video.

How I Will Use Flipped Videos in the Future

Flipped videos are a great method of instruction for every classroom, and I am eager to use it in my own. Moving forward I want to make sure I find ways to differentiate within the videos, so I am reaching all of my students.

While I do not see my classroom being completely flipped since ELA thrives on discussion, I think it will be very beneficial in reviewing grammar rules, learning about a literary period as I did in this video, providing students with new vocabulary, and so much more.

I think it will be very important in my future classroom to reflect on my videos as I am know. To make sure that the videos are adding to the student's learning and that I am making them interesting. It will also be important to incorporate more links and maybe quizzes throughout the video as formative assessment.