Weekly Update

Upcoming Information Sessions

A letter from the Sped PAC.....

To all Sped PAC members and friends,

Last week an info session was held for all sped parents. That meeting went over some of the general information that was needed but it did not cover any of the more specific info that sped parents needed. We have requested and been granted another meeting that will be geared to sped parents. It is scheduled for Thursday, August 20th at 2:00. The zoom invitation has not been created yet. As soon as we do get it, you can find it on our Facebook page (Lowell Sped PAC) or you can let me know that you want me to forward it to you. We have been told it will be on Thursday at 2 p.m. I am sending this note out so that you will be aware of it.

Important: If you have not read the initial report on school reopening, please take the time to go through it prior to the Thursday meeting. The "Reopening Plan" can be found at this link: https://www.lowell.k12.ma.us/Page/4270

The report is located within a section of the LPS website that has lots of information and links specifically related to the reopening of school.

There are many questions that can not be answered. Some can not be answered due to ongoing negotiations between the teacher's union and the school department, some others due to the information not being available at this time.

Please keep in mind that the session will be recorded.

You will not be able to ask questions that are specific to just your child.

Please Note: Due to the (very) large number of questions submitted and the individuality of many of the answers I am going to suggest the following guidelines so that we can get as many questions answered during this meeting as possible:

We will be answering some of the questions that have been submitted first before taking questions from the group.

- Stay muted - Unless you are speaking please remain muted. Any sounds around you are picked up by the computer's microphone. It also creates a feedback echo making it difficult for us to hear the speaker.

- Speaking - When speaking please ask your question or make your comments as concisely as possible.

- Listen - Many of the questions that were submitted were overlapping and similar. You may hear someone else ask the same or similar question.

- Be Patient - This meeting is not the only time you will have to answer your questions. The sped dept. and central administration personnel are continuing to reach out to parents to answer their questions.

This is the first time that we have done a meeting in this format for the group, please be patient with us as we learn how to best use the zoom platform.

If you or someone you know needs information in another language, please let us know. Some of the info sessions are being held in Portuguese, Spanish, Khmer and Swahili. If you need specific information in another language, interpreter services are available through the school department.

See you on Thursday.