New York

No Dorks in New York

Did you Know?

Founded in 1626 by the Duke of York and Albany the brother of King Charles II. The Duke was the younger brother of King Charles. The Duke persuaded his older brother to grant him territory between the Connecticut and Delaware rivers. During that time the area was occupied by the Netherlands so the King sent 400 troops to New Amsterdam and took over that area.
One of the original colonies and once called New Amsterdam while the Dutch occupied that land is a very fertile and profitable land. That is why it was fought over and everyone wanted a piece of it. However it belongs to us and for now the fighting is over. Named after the Duke of York. However founded by Peter Minuit. We have also established really good trade with the Indians. if you want to have success in farming and trade this is the place to come. Come find your wealth come and live the good life in New York.

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