CASH Fifth Grade

Continue Prayers for Sanai

Plans were for Sanai to begin chemo today. Please keep her in your prayers!

Thank you, moms, for everything you do!

Kelly Wooldridge brought snacks for our test takers today. The snacks allowed the students to enjoy a healthy snack before and after the reading Aspire test today.

Angie Wray brought pizza and cookies last week for the kids to enjoy.

Sandy, Kelly, and Kelley have all helped in various ways to help remind Sanai that she is loved and being thought of! That is just a few examples of what you do for us all the time. You are appreciated. I am blessed to work with such a great group of students and parents. Thank you.

Aspire Tomorrow

We will have two tests tomorrow - English and Math. The students should feel like English is fairly easy. It is all multiple choice and they should have enough time.

Math will be last and will be more challenging. The students will have to type written responses to many questions. Many questions have several parts. The students are capable, but they will have to concentrate on many pieces of information for most questions.

We will start early and should be done by lunch.