Level 3 Language & Literature

Ms. York's Class

What's Happening?

  • Level 3 classes are wrapping up Unit 1, and they will be completing the unit with their Unit 1 IB Assessment, a comparison/contrast essay. For more details, see Unit Plan 1, Lesson Plan 1.
  • Students have quizzed on Set 1 Stems (List 31) and are currently studying Set 2 Stems (List 32). Quizzes will be on 9/25 & 9/26. Students are required to study nightly!
  • Students completed a pretest on sentences, fragments, & run-ons. Those who did well will move on to another skill, and those who still need practice will complete a few more exercises until they level-up and on to a new skill.

Stay Connected!

Students & parents can stay connected using Remind, Twitter, Facebook, & Haiku. To sign up for Remind messages & Haiku, visit Ms. York's school webpage. Find us on Twitter @NVIBLanguageA and on Facebook at Nvib Literature.

ClassDojo Student of the Week

Week 1- Serina Baily