Montgomery Bus Boycott!

It's Time For Change!

Do NOT get on that bus!

We're living with segregated schools , drinking fountains, work places , shops and stores! So many of us have been discriminated against and left in the cold. Well it's time to take a stand. I myself Martin Luther King Jr. will be proud to be apart of this success and i will make sure that we do succeed and gain our rights! As of December 1st we will boycott buses! NO African American man or woman will be riding a public bus anytime soon. We will prove how much blacks do matter. We will be Equal!

We Do Matter!


We don't plan on stopping until we get equality. Do you want your rights just like promised? Join the Bus Boycott and we promise you'll get them! While talking to the blacks of our town most said the same sort of things like " I am sick of being treated as if i'm an alien." or " We are human just like everybody else, our skin color shouldn't say other wise." I'm sure you've said the same thing to your self once in your life. Well lets stop asking our selves why and start changing it! This is not only my dream but is also all of the African Americans in this country dream!


First Meeting : November 30 1955

Speaker: Martin Luther King Jr.

Bring: Materials for signs

Boycott Begins: December 1st 1955