By: Emma Clayton


The Roar By: Emma Clayton takes place in the future where people live behind one big concrete wall that protects everyone from the animal plague on the other side. Mika's sister, Ellie, was supposedly killed about a year ago. At least that's what everyone thinks. Ellie was actually taken by Mal Gorman, the ruler of everyone inside the wall. Then the government introduced a suspicious fit program to make all the kids stronger and more fit. Mike refused to take the fit mix drink so he threw it at the principal and gets suspended. Meanwhile, Ellie was trying to escape Mal Gorman in a pod fighter. What was the fit mix really doing to the kids? Was the government getting them ready for war? Read Roar By: Emma Clayton to find out.
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Mika has an immense imagination. When he puts his mind to it he can do anything, like when he wanted to find Ellie and he found her. He is always thinking about what would happen if I did this and is the the right thing to do. He wanted to see Ellie so bad that he didn't care if he went to war. He can even move things with his eyes! I don't know how Mika does it but he always knows what to do.
Emma Clayton - The Roar