Preschool News

April 2015

Letter Sound Gesture

Tori Fetzer, a student teacher from UNCC teaching at Indian Trail Elementary School, came across a great resource that she is using in her class. She pairs a gesture with letters to cue children with speech and language delays. She has incorporated this practice into her circle time with positive results. Click the link below to view the website for the gestures.

Spring Cleaning

We have many resources that will be stored at WBEC over the summer. The following is a list of items that have been checked out to each teacher and need to be returned. You may have also checked out toys or assistive technology items which need to come back to WBEC. Some items can be checked out over the summer but still need to be accounted for at the end of the school year. During the final week of school or during the workdays, you may leave your inventory with Rosemary Kmec in the assessment office. Click the link below to see the list.


Please make sure addresses in Power School and Easyiep are updated. There has been some confusion with home schools because of incorrect addresses.

Foundations Training

Tuesday, April 14th, 3-5pm

721 Brewer Drive

Monroe, NC

Bring Foundations for Early Learning and Development and your Foundations Notebook


Since August you have witnessed growth in your students. Some have learned to manage their emotions, some are reading environmental print and others are now able to clearly express their thoughts and ideas. While student growth may be obvious, teacher growth is just as apparent. You have mastered the details of on line data collection through Teaching Strategies GOLD. You have adjusted instruction, rearranged furniture, added visual supports and improved formative assessment based on information from professional development in Foundations for Early Learning and Development. You have engaged in a book study that challenges teachers to view difficult behavior as opportunities to teach instead of deeds to be punished. Three initiatives in one year provides much food for thought. So your next challenge is to see where this body of knowledge takes you. Reflect on the areas where you have shown growth. Search for more resources in areas that you want to continue to develop. Please know that your commitment to offering the best possible instruction to your students is noticed and valued. In Conscious Discipline, the power of Love is defined as Seeing the Best in Others, Pre-K teachers are looking pretty good!