Brightened Starry Night

By: Kaylea Knott

How It All Started

Starry Night. If you mention it to someone they automatically know what you are talking about, right? Well a man named Vincent Van Gogh would never have thought anyone would want to look at 1 painting longer than 2 seconds! So let's pull away some of the covering and dig deeper into Vincent's life.

Vincent came to earth on March 30, 1853, as the oldest of 6 other children. Since Vincent was so troublesome his parents sent him to two different boarding schools. Well until his parents had to homeschool him. Later on in 1868 Vincent left his studies, and never in his life did he ever successfully return to school. Being this bothersome even as an adult his parents finally shipped him off to London, as well as Paris. Yet to only have him move back in with his parents. For he was bothersome in all 3 languages he spoke.

Painting Career Beginnings

Once again Vincent moved away, but this time he wouldn't bathe or get a job. Infact Vincent didn't start painting until the last ten years of his life! During this period of painting time Vincent became more mentally ill, and even ate yellow paint thinking it could make himself happy. The only person to really care about VIncent was his younger brother, Theo. Theo tried sending money, and even once sent another painter to Vincent! The painter was highly displeased with Vincent's style of painting, so he left quickly. As a gift Vincent cut off a piece of his ear and gave it to the painter.

Story Behind The Painting

As mentioned before Starry NIght, it was the only painting Vincent did from memory. Where did he paint said place at? Where his parents wanted to take him for a long time, an insane asylum. Also shocking enough the doctor assigned to watch over Vincent was displeased with the painting, but Vincent's words in response were," Someday someone will cherish this painting."

Painting Troubles

Another thing about Vincent, his paintings are famous today but in his lifetime he only sold one painting! He was also so desperate to paint people instead of them paying him, he had to pay the people to pose for him. Since that didn't last long Vincent took a mirror and began to-do self portraits. The only way he could afford to keep buying these paints were from his father sending money hoping he would have taken on another career more successful. Yet he never did, and a 'gang' that is thought to have killed Vincent would squeeze out all of his paint from the tubes.

The End Of Vincent

As we all think Vincent committed suicide it actually was never proven to be true. A gang would always harass VIncent and had the same pair of bullet, and type of gun that shot Vincent. Yet he wasn't the only Gogh that had a disorder.