The Exoplanet of Unknown

Planetary Description

Novastar (Kepler-186f) is a red dwarf exoplanet orbiting a single star. Located 500 light years away from Earth near the outskirts of the Goldilocks Zone. Though Novastar does not have any moons or rings surrounding it. Its in the region of space in a planetary system with liquid water which means life could exist. Its sunrises and sunsets would be more "enhanced" than Earth's because there would be overall less blue light coming from the star.

Earth Compared to Novastar


Diameter:_________________________12,742km__________________________14,300km _________

Average distance

from the Sun:_________________150,000,000Km________________________60 million km _____


Temperature:____________183/331(min/max)K_____ ______ _unknown_________

Length of Day:_______________________24 hr._____________________________unknown_________

Length of Year:________________1 year (365.25 Days)_______ ___ _0.36 years_________

Number of Moons:____________________1___________________________________0__ __________

Number of Rings:_____________________None__________________________ _____0______________

How old would a 15 year

old person be if you lived on:________15 years_________________________41 years______ _

What would the value

of "g" be on your planet:_____________9.8m/s^2_________21,749,420.43m/s^___________

How much would I

weight on Novastar:__________ 130lbs___________________________ 540 kg___________

My info on When I get to Novastar

Since it will take 5,000 years to get to Novastar I will be 5,015 years old when I get there.

Departure to Novastar

The shuttle for Novastar will be departing earth in approximately 8 months on January 5, 2932. The shuttle will only be able to accommodate 400,000 settlers (as well as its crew of 400). Be prepare to be frozen in carbonite since the trip to Novastar ,which transverses 500 light-years at warp 1.4 (.1C the speed of light or 1.195 x 10^25 km/hr), will take approximately 5,000 years.

Please fill out the information in the Event below to reserve your seat on the shuttle. General seating will be given out in a first come first serve manner. Thank you.

Novastar Launch

Saturday, Jan. 5th 2932 at 6am

8000 Essington Avenue

Philadelphia, PA