Fred's Mattresses

Fred's Mattresses Applying

Apply here at Fred's mattresses. We have the best working condition than any other company. We like to be clean in our store where the mattresses are sold as well as where they are made. We offer compressed weeks so that you don't have to miss out on any plans you may have. We offer different jobs depending on age. Ages 15-17 are to be cleaning the vicinity. For 6-8 hours a day you would get paid an average of $15/hr. In order to work at the age of 15 you must have a workers permit, otherwise you won't be allowed to apply. Other jobs consist of being a salesman for the mattresses or working in our factory where the mattresses are made, you must be 18 or older to work in the factory and 21 or older to be a salesman. The rest of the requirements for this job and the amount of money paid will be in the interview. After a month of working with us there will be benefits like being able to chose one mattress for free of your desire. After this 25-55% discount off mattresses are given. For each different job we choose the top 5 most progressive workers and give them a $2500 award.