EL Happenings

What's going on in the world of EL!

Imagine Learning

Don't forget about this great program for our EL learners! It's an independent activity and most of our students used it daily last year (except for kindergarten) so they know what to do. I've given you all your usernames/password (which is 'go' for everyone) and most of you are using it on a daily basis. If there's anything you're having trouble with, please don't hesitate to call or send an email, and I will be down to help you out! As I said, most of our kiddos are very familiar with the program (and they like it!) It's definitely a huge asset for our lower language students! Don't forget to send me emails about new kiddos--I can get an account created for them very quickly!

Book Talks

I've been in several rooms for book talks and read alouds! I've also loaned out several of my books to students! I would love to come to your rooms on a more regular basis to read aloud (especially younger kiddos) and to do book talks with some of our older kiddos! This is a great way for me to share my love of reading and to also get our students excited about reading! Just email me and we can set up a time!!!! Some of my most recent 'great reads' are listed below! Would love to come talk to your class about them!

Student Profiles

Thank you so much for filling these out and getting them back to me! I'm looking them over now and will send out a reflection of some of our trends. I think you'll find that these are a very helpful resource in planning for your students.....it also helps to focus on what they CAN DO instead of what they can't. We should always be able to come up with those positives about our students! These are also a great tool for parent communication---I hope that you'll see the benefit and start filling them on out on a more regular basis. Let me know if you want any help or would like to sit down and do some together!

EL Classroom Happenings!

It was great to get into everyone's classroom before Thanksgiving break! Thanks for letting me come in and watch our EL students. I'm working on getting my reflections to you---what was working well for ELLs and other thoughts I had while watching them. Remember....I will always make the Doc 'comment' accessible, so please feel free to add your own thoughts and responses. This is a great way for us to keep in touch and for you to let me know what's going on. (As well as great documentation for RISE.) I love seeing all the great stuff going on in your classrooms--not just our ELLs, but for everyone! During the month of December, I'm going to be scheduling some time to come into your room and 'cover' so that you can go watch one of your colleagues! Be looking for more information on that to come very soon! One of the best ways we grow is by watching, learning from others, collaborating, and reflecting---I'm excited for this!


A few thoughts about scaffolding for our ELs! Don't forget to use those language functions that I gave you and that you can find in your WIDA Can Do booklet. As I've been in classrooms watching and coteaching, I've seen some awesome scaffolding techniques and wanted to share a few.....they are listed below as a picture, along with a description.