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Shaw Montessori Newsletter Week of March 14th, 2021

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Message From Laura Hildwein
  • Shaw Art From Mikyuki Ketchum
  • Message From Shaw PTA
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Message From Principal Engdall

Greetings Shaw Community,

We are busily readying the campus for our initial phase of reopening to in-person instruction. Approximately 59% of our families have chosen in-person while about 41% have chosen to remain on-line for the remainder of the year. As a community, we are entering all new territory, one that will require a great deal of patience and flexibility from all of us.

Our first goal is safety. We have sound systems and processes in place however, there is a lot of new learning for everyone. The training for our students will require some time. Please expect over the first week or so that the staff may assign asynchronous work for our on-line learners while the in-person learners learn these new ways of being together safely.

Our second is educational equity and equality. We have accomplished heavier lifts in this community and I suspect we will do just fine with what is in front of us. Our district has purchased Aver Tracking Camera’s to be delivered this week. These new cameras can either be used to pick up teacher movement in the classrooms or as a document camera, but will require some training for the staff. As I mentioned in the power point, the elementary and middle school child will experience much the same format that they have experienced all year. Our on-line primary children will maintain a similar learning schedule and meet with their teachers for scheduled lessons. If you have not had the opportunity to view the power point it is included.

Our third is to help to begin mending the social/emotional fears and hurts. We have been through a lot, now we will begin the journey into newly changed places that service those very special needs of our second and third plane children (the need for peers and socialization) whether your child is joining now or in August. Ms. Laura has been doing Second Step with many of the classrooms this year and will continue. Second Step is a social/emotional learning curriculum. She is also always available should you or your child need an outlet.

I usually do not announce staffing changes until the end of the year however, you may see them in the board agendas and I would rather you have the school story first. In a previous SSS I announced Ms. Roam’s retirement. We have found a replacement teacher for this upper elementary classroom, Ms. Yolanda Wheelington. We are excited about her new journey upwards!

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Ms. Wendy Silver joined our program as a lower elementary teacher 17 years ago at Faith North. She has done so much to help build our elementary Montessori into the vivacious program that it is. Her songs and loving kindness are carried by many children that have passed through her classroom. I think we may find Ms. Silver on the tennis court more often as she will be retiring at the end of the 20/21 school year. Thank you Ms. Silver for your incredible work and being an ambassador for public Montessori.

During this transition, I am interested in your experiences. I can be reached at or 602-257-4069.

All the best,

Principal Engdall

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Message From Laura Hildwein

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Change is inevitable. Sometimes it can be positive – business growth or a pay raise. At other times, it can be painful – losing your job or a personal loss. Sometimes change brings uncertainty.

Often the hardest changes to understand and adjust to are the ones that are unexpected and out of our control – a recession, a global pandemic, or a major disaster, for example. Changes of this magnitude can be difficult to come to terms with. You will often find that your experience of change can be made better or worse depending on your reaction and your attitude.

Tips for coping with big changes in your life and coming out a better person for it.

1. Acknowledge that things are changing. Say to yourself, "Things are changing, and it is okay". This can help change feel less stressful

2. Realize that even good change can cause stress. Keep in mind that positive change can create stress just like not-so-positive change. Stress is just your body's way of reacting to change.

3. Keep up your regular schedule as much as possible. The more change that is happening, the more important it is to stick to your regular schedule. Having a schedule gives us an anchor.

4. Try to eat as healthy as possible. When change happens, a lot of us tend to reach for carbs—bread, muffins, cake, etc. This may be because eating carbs boosts serotonin—a brain chemical that may be somewhat depleted when you undergo change (stress). It's okay to soothe yourself with comfort foods—in moderation.

5. Exercise. If exercise is not currently part of your routine, try adding it.

6. Seek support. It is okay to not be ok. Ask for help, that is a sign that you know yourself well enough to realize you need some assistance.

7. Write down the positives that have come or can come from this change. Change presents us with the opportunity to grow, and it's important to acknowledge how things have become or will become better as a result.

8. Vent, but to a point. Having a support group to whom you can vent can be helpful—to a point. Try gearing the conversation toward action: What can you do to make things better?

9. Back away from social media. Step away from social media if you are starting to compare your life to others.

Finally, give yourself a break. In a time of change, you may feel a little out of control. You may feel like you are not living up to your expectations for yourself. Nothing says you have to function at 100 percent all the time.


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Shaw Art / Miyuki Ketchum

The week before break the children learned about Georgia O'Keeffe. She is recognized as the "Mother of American Modernism" Ms. Ketchum
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Shaw PTA

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As campus prepares to reopen on March 17th, the PTA is providing a special breakfast for the entire staff on Monday morning! A big thank you to Maria at Sana Sana Foods for preparing Grab & Go meals for everyone.

Thanks to diligent work by VP, Heather Vittori, the PTA also secured a large stock of Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer bottles and Airborne vitamin packs for each teacher to support a safe and healthy return. We encourage families able to help to reach out to teachers as well for any additional items needed.

The next virtual PTA meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 24th at 6:00pm. The meeting link will be included in next week’s newsletter. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Addie Weddington / PTA President

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March Menu

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At Home Students

Grab & Go Meals Pickup

Wednesdays: 7 am to 8 am and 3 pm to 5 pm

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Shaw Calendar

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District Info

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District Updates

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Governing Board Agendas & Minutes

District Calendar

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