This is about Self-Esteem

My Self-Esteem

I have a pretty high self-esteem. Out of the four test i took about my self-esteem two of the test said my self-esteem with high and that is what i agree with. But the other two said i don't have a low self-esteem but it isn't high either. I feel pretty good about myself I do choke up sometimes but it don't happen very often. Also I want people to like me but if they don't it doesn't really effect me. Being rejected is a part of life and yes it hurts but i try not to let it affect how I feel about myself.

The Affect of Low Self-Esteem

When negative influences and thoughts are prevalent it adversely affects the way we feel about ourselves. It also affects the experiences we have in our lives. Low Self-Esteem can reduce the quality of a persons life in many different ways. Low Self-Esteem could also lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, sometimes with tragic results. When something does go wrong low Self-Esteem can lead to self-destructive decisions such as tolerating mistreatment or harming yourself, or harming others, in an effort to make others love us or to numb ourselves to the pain of your own worthlessness.


What I can do to maintain or improve my self-esteem

A way I could maintain my self-esteem is get a good friend or even an adult to talk to when bad things are happening. Instead of trying to take it out on myself and blaming myself for everything I could just try to calm down and try to work things out. That's how I could try to maintain my Self-Esteem.