National Guard

See how freedom is won.

Getting in

  • You have to be at least 17-35
  • You have to meet the physiv requirements which are physical and mental toughness
  • Be a U.S citizen
  • Be at least a junior in High School
  • Go through 10 weeks of training

Initial Training

  • This is a 10 week sprint that puts you on a road to greatness.
  • You meet your drill Sargent and learn the skills it takes you to become a officer
  • You have to go through these training courses
  • Physical training is were you go through an obstical course testing your strength and mental toughness.
  • Weapon training is were you go through shooting targets to see if you have good aim. Sencond you have to go through a test on all the guns you use to see if you can take them apart and then put them back together so you know your gun that you will use from the back of your hand so if it is not working you know how to fix the part that need it.
  • Confidence course is were they test your confidence in serious but deadly situations so you don't freak out you know what to do and how to do it.

What is life like?

Life is good there are some positive and negatives to it though

  • Positive you get to serve for your country and visit your family some
  • Negative you don't get to see your family a lot you only get to see them a little bit
Pay: the pay you get is decide on what level you are on the higher of leve the more of Pry or when you serve a lot more is when you will earn a lot more


  • You get a degree and or a scholar ship for school
  • Learn job skills
  • Make bonds last a life time
  • Your family will thank you
Living choices: you can either live with a friend or partner or you can have your own apartment.

Education opportunities: you can go to a military college they give out free scholarships to go to there.


Transport is one of the jobs you can get: what you do is that in war you drive the car or truck that had all the supplies in it for your men you have to watch out for the enemy and other people you have to drive all the amo and bombs and food and health care supplies you can also be a get away car which means when men coming running you have to be ready so when they jump in the car you have to be ready to take off so you don't get hurt or killed.

5 other facts you should know

You get:

  • Guarde scholarships which helps your lower the cost of getting into military college
  • Life insurance you and your family get life insurance forever so if something would happen the would pay full coverage or half coverage
  • Va home loans if your a veteran and wants to buy a house you get little or no down payments for 3 years
  • Gi bills you get better education benefits for your family or kids you get college credit exams and work towards a degree faster