N.A.R.M Pet Collars+

Quality animal collars for a reasonable price

Save your lost pet today!

N.A.R.M pet collars+ is a pet collar that tracks your pet, when he/she runs away. When somebody finds your pet the screen on the collar shows the address of where the pet lives.

Prizes and Supplies

The supplies we will need for this product would be: $15 for a waterproof screens, $19 for L.E.D lights, $70 for a GPS tracker, $2 for fabric, $3 for collars, $50 for wires, and $50 for a hand censer. All the resources we use are capital resources. The hand censer is are scarcest resource we use.

To start this business we would need $566. Here are some prizes you get, depending on how much you give us, if you fund N.A.R.M.

$100: A N.A.R.M gift bag with a box of animal and human doughnuts and a collar

$200: A collar 35% off coupon for super speed soccer ball

$300: A collar and bag of your choice animal toys

$400: A collar and a two extra batteries and a customized hat

$500: A collar and a puppy, plus a food and water bowl and a bag of food . (Chose your own color)

$600: A collar and A Mac Book Air


Families or people that have pets will buy our product because most people love their pets and would never want them to get lost. Our product is $95 because we use high- tech supplies and it's affordable for many costumers. Plus, your pets will be comfortable in our collar. We will need to sell 6 collars to get our business started.

We had people in Mrs. Tsukioka's class take a survey if they want or didn't not want to buy our product. 17/19 people would buy N.A.R.M Pet Collars+. That is more than half of the people in Mrs. Tsukioka's class.

The opportunity cost for our customers would be our costumers buying our product or buying another businesses product. Our opportunity cost is buying a waterproof screen or different colors for our collars. We would keep the waterproof screens because it was more important to us than the different colors in our collars.

Thanks for Reading!