Unpacking EA2 Unit 2

What is it and what does it do


Overall, skills are things you are required to do when attending an activity... Here are some examples:

  • Write a imaginative short story.
  • Describe the powerful characters and the setting of your story.
  • Include all the elements into your story's plot. (Exposition, rising action, climax,conflict,falling action, and resolution).
  • Embed smooth transitions. (Then, Suddenly,after that).
  • Use dialogue.(Conversations,characters voice).
  • Include correct punctuation. (no misspelled words, correct grammar).


Knowledge is a form of thinking that allows us as writers to know what to do and include when attending an activity... Here are some examples of knowledge listed below:

  • How to punctuate words or phrases (correct spelling, and correct grammar).
  • How to use descriptive language to engage the reader to keep reading and recommend your brilliant story by creating pictures in their heads to visualize events. (characters, and setting).
  • How to use the story plot map and be able to insert the pieces of your plot map to make and finish a complete story.


Unique questions

  • Where is your knowledge?
  • What skills can you use to help others with?