Who is going to become the 5th president!

Sam Houston Foreign Policy

Houston foreign policy

1. Gain other nations recognition of Texas as independent nation.

2. Avoid further conflict with Mexico

Lamar foreign policies

1.Lamar was willing to risk war with Mexico to secure the borders

2.Lamar did not want Texas to join U.S

Relations with mexico

Sam Houston relation with mexico: Houston wants to avoid war with Mexico, Mexico rejected the treaty of Velasco. This is why you should vote for Houston.

Lamar relations with Mexico: Lamar tried to settle things with Mexico peacefully

Economic Policies

Lamar: Indian war costed 2.5 million

The goverment collected 1 million in taxes

Sam Houston: Houston was far away from debt. This is a struggle for him. By the end of Houston's 1st term, a Texas dollar was worth 12 cents

Why you should vote for houston

Houston is a great leader who thinks before he does anything. Even though he struggles through some things he can still find a way to fix it.


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