Makeup Artist

Hannah Schochler

Job Description

Theatrical Makeup artists apply makeup to performers before/during a show. They have to be familiar with the show and characters so they know what kind of makeup to apply. They also order and keep stock of all of the supplies.

Working Conditions

The job of a makeup artist can be very stressful. They have to apply makeup to all of the performers before the show starts. Sometimes the actors will have to change makeup in the middle of the show, so the makeup artist has to do that before the actor has to go back onstage.

Training/Education Requirements

To be a makeup artist you have to have training and experience. Some also have an associates degree.

Personal Characteristics

Makeup artists should be very creative and artistic. They should also be able to handle stress well.

Earnings & Job Outlook

The median salary is 53,000 per year. Itś a very flexible job because you can move around depending on who hires you, or you could just stick with one theatre. There is a possibility of advancement because you could start as a makeup assistant, and eventually move up to being the head of the department.