Palazzetti Post

Miss Palazzetti's 3rd Grade Class

Upcoming Events

April 17th

No School

April 23rd

Market Day Orders Due

April 24th

Box Tops Due

April 25th

Market Day ONLINE orders Due

April 27th

PTA Meeting

Art Show

April 28th

Family Dine-Out Night at Culver's

Art Show

April 30th

Market Day pick up

May 2nd

Mother Daughter Tea

May 25th

No School

May 30th

Father Son Event

Reading - By Mia

We are reading Saturday y domingo. It is about Saturday was in English Sunday was in Spanish and a little girl invited her grandparents over for the weekend so on Saturday they spoke English and on Sunday they spoke Spanish with her grandmother she went to the circus and with her abuelito (grandma in Spanish).

Writing - By Mackenzie

While we are waiting for our parents to edit our biographies, we are doing a jelly bean writing. we write what it smells like feels like and taste like.and how we describe it then we got to write it on a fancy paper and we got to color the border Mrs.McGregory made jelly bean people so it looks like they are hugging the Paper.after the art show we will put them up.

Math - By Caleigh

In math first we do rocket math the types of math are Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Then we learn our lesson we are learning the Partial Products Algorithm and the Lattice Algorithm the lattice is easy.

RTI - By Aaron

This week for RTI we are practicing main idea where we read a paragraph then we have to find the main idea in the passage. Then we had to find the sentence that did not belong with the main idea