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April 25, 2022

May is National Inventors Month!

If you are looking for lesson and display ideas in May, consider honoring National Inventors Month!

National Inventors Month, first recognized in August 1998 and now observed every May, celebrates creativity, ingenuity, curiosity, and the courage to experiment. By celebrating National Inventors Month in your library you can honor talented people who have changed history with their inventions, encourage innovation and creativity in your students, bring new activities into your Makerspace, and focus on your collection of STEAM books.

Activities to try this month for both you and your students:

  • Read a book about an inventor, inventions, and or the inventing process (see Bitmoji library below).
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum.
  • Work on your own creation.
  • Visit an SDSL Database to research an inventor and complete a project about him/her.
  • Visit an SDSL Database to find STEAM lesson plans (try Explora Educator's Edition!).
  • Guide your students through a Shark Tank project (see link below).
  • Create a book display of your STEAM books and/or a bulletin board display of inventors and their inventions.
  • Look up fun facts about inventors and post them in your daily announcements for the month of May. Get started HERE.
  • Find a documentary or film about an inventor, inventions, or the inventing process on Swank K-12 Streaming (found on the SDSL Database page) to share with your class.
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The School Library Scoop with Scottie

Episode 19: Explora Educator's Edition

I hope you're enjoying this new platform for short tutorials on school library services, technology tips and trends, and so much more. If you have suggestions or requests for future topics, please click the "Topic Suggestions" button below. Past episodes can be viewed on SDSL's YouTube Channel.

School Library Scoop with Scottie: Ep19 Explora Educator's Edition
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1 Fun Project for your Students

Check out this fun unit plan from Scholastic that will get your students thinking like inventors! These resources support ELA and SEL standards to encourage students to map out their business ideas—and gain a deeper understanding of how their favorite companies and CEOs became household names.

2 Bulletin Board Ideas

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3 Databases with STEAM Resources

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