Hillsboro High EOC Student Guide

Spring 2021

EOC Most Important Details

  • All testing is In-Person, even for virtual students
  • Tuesday-Thursday is In-Person Testing Only
  • Friday is for Virtual Student Testing Only
  • Only Students who have been enrolled in an EOC tested Subject this year.
  • Bells & Schedules will not be changed for testing
  • All testing will be in the cafeteria, small gym, Library, & testing accommodation rooms.
  • This is a Paper test. No computers will be used for this test.
TCAP MNPS Parent Letter

Parent Letter with Schedule and MNPS Information

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Virtual Student Survey

This response is needed only from Virtual Students. The survey is only available for Students to take using their Office365 Email (student's username@mnpsk12.org)

Virtual Students Parking Pass

Students who filled out the Virtual Student Survey Requesting a Parking pass will have a pass sent to them the day before their testing day.

Medical Exemptions

Parents can file Medical Documentation from their student's physician with Hillsboro's Guidance Clerk: Deborah.Shea@mnps.org

Medical exemptions are reserved for students who have a documented, medical circumstance that precludes them from participation in state assessments. This spring, there is additional TDOE guidance around COVID and students who may qualify for medical exemptions.

Students Impacted Medically by COVID-19

  • A student who tests positive for COVID-19 and is unable to return to school to test may be exempt from testing following appropriate medical exemption documentation.

  • Students with health conditions, such as those who may be immunocompromised, may also qualify for a medical exemption, if the BTC or district testing coordinator is unable to accommodate the testing environment needed to ensure student safety. Students with other diagnoses whose needs can be addressed with appropriate supports throughout the school year should have a plan that includes the student’s needs during testing as well. Districts should follow accommodations available to students as outlined in these plans as long as they do not compromise test security or the validity of the assessment.

EOC Frequently Asked Questions

  • Regular Bell everyday with regular class schedule
  • In-Person students scheduled to test will report to their PLT for attendance. In-Person testing students will wait in PLT until announcement from Office.
  • Virtual Students Scheduled to test will report to the Cafeteria for attendance and will be given directions to their testing location.
  • Test in Small Gym/Cafeteria for Regular Time Students
  • Students with Accommodations test in library area and other specified locations.
  • Test Between 7:30-11 (most days less than that)
  • Students dismissed back to regular scheduled class after testing is completed
  • In-Person Students test Tuesday-Thursday
  • Virtual Students test only on Fridays.
  • Virtual Students dismissed after testing is concluded.
  • Virtual Students riding school buses on Fridays or Make-up dates on Mondays, will stay within their scheduled classes till 2:05.
  • Make-Ups for all students on Mondays. (Except 5/10 will just be virtual. In-person make-ups will happen 5/12 & 5/13 that week)
  • Virtual Students not testing will stay virtual and attend all classes as normal, during the entire testing window.
  • In-Person Students not testing will stay in their scheduled classes as normal at Hillsboro, during the entire testing window.

Which Courses Require a TCAP End Of Course (EOC) exam?

If you were registered for any of these classes this school year (even in the Fall) you will be required to take the TCAP End-Of-Course exam for that course. Information on EOC Testing requirements by the State of Tennessee can be found here.

  • English I
  • English II
  • Integrated Math I
  • Integrated Math II
  • Integrated Math III
  • Biology
  • US History

What is the English I & II Test about?

  • English I and English II (3 subparts) assess the Tennessee Academic Standards through literary and informational texts requiring students to demonstrate the ability to read closely, analyze text, answer text-dependent questions, provide a written response to a prompt, and demonstrate command of the English language.
  • Subpart One=85 minutes (Writing)
  • Subpart Two= 50 minutes
  • Subpart Three=95 minutes

What is the Integrated Math I, II, & III about?

  • Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II and Integrated Math III (3 subparts) will consist of both calculator permitted and calculator prohibited subparts. Each assesses the Tennessee Academic Standards requiring students to demonstrate a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics, fluency, problem solving, and an understanding of the grade-level horizontal coherence embedded within the standards. The mathematics test will focus approximately 60 percent of the assessment items on major work of the grade and approximately 40 percent of the items on supporting work.
  • Integrated Math I, II, & III
  • Subpart One= 35 minutes (no calculator)
  • Subpart Two= 50 minutes (calculator)
  • Subpart Three= 50 minutes (calculator)

What is the Biology Test about?

Biology will assess current Tennessee Academic Standards requiring students to demonstrate a deep understanding of scientific inquiry, engineering and technology as related to the scientific concepts in the course.
  • Test=75min

What is the US History Test about?

Students will be assessed on the current Tennessee Academic Standards and be required to demonstrate a deep understanding of civics, economics, geography within the context of U.S. History with special attention to Tennessee connections.

  • Subpart One=45min
  • Subpart Two=45min