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Tooth Whitening With Zoom Dental Service

Dr. Judy Walker Offers The Best Tooth Whitening With Zoom Dental Service

Dr. Judy Walker is a highly respectable zoom dentist in Greensboro, NC. She is a seasoned professional who has been practicing in her dental office and has 25 years of experience in general dentistry. Her practice is situated at 1507 Westover Terrace Suite A Greensboro, NC, and features 5 spacious patient treatment rooms. These rooms are well equipped with the latest in dental technology, thereby, enabling her patients to benefit from cosmetic imaging, intra oral cameras, and digital x rays. This dental care practice ensures to bring back attractive smile and confidence of its patients.

Dr. Judy Walker offers a variety of unparalleled dental services at affordable prices, including tooth colored fillings, dental cleanings and examinations, crowns and bridges, all porcelain veneers, immediate whitening with zoom, patient education with intra oral cameras, and partial and dentures. She is one of the highly sought after professional, experienced dentists who is well known for providing excellent zoom treatment. She specializes in attaining perfect smile within an hour with her effective and quick Tooth Whitening with Zoom service. This treatment has become very popular to get back white, shining teeth. It is the best option for patients who need instant results and wish to speed up the procedure of their cosmetic dental care.

In order to remove discoloration and deep teeth stains, the Zoom light activated whitening gel is used, which is pH balanced with hydrogen peroxide. This light activates the hydrogen peroxide and assists it to smoothly penetrate into the surface of the tooth. The gel lightens the stains and makes teeth whiter. It is the best treatment for individuals who have a very hectic schedule and could not find much time for their dental hygiene, as this treatment is completed in 1 hour only. This procedure is painless as well as extremely simple, and is the best alternative to the professional tooth whitening tray system, since it gives quick results.

Dr. Judy Walker, a trusted dentist in Greensboro, NC, can help you get your beautiful, sparkling smile back. She tells that tooth staining or discoloration can take place because of a plethora of factors, including excessive drinking of coffee, aging, smoking, wine or tea, and at times genetic problems can also be a reason. If you have any queries, you can address them at (336) 275-1472, or can visit her official website at www.judywalkerdds.com.
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