How to Tackle an assignment

Steps to success

Have an essay, assignement or paper to hand in and don't know where to start?

Step 1: Begin your task as soon as it is assigned. Once the assignment is explained by your teacher you may have some fresh ideas in your head. Get them down on paper!

  • make jot notes
  • brainstorm
  • mind map
  • timed writing
  • free writing

Step 2: Put your ideas together and form an outline

  • Use what the teacher has provided for you
  • create your own outline
  • number your ideas and figure out what is most important
  • go back and reread the assignment to ensure you are covering what is being asked

Once you have created your outline - Begin your rough Draft!

  • Don't worry too much about grammar and spelling at this point, that can come later
  • type your work on line so that it AutoSaves for you!
  • Once you have completed your rough draft, print a copy and leave it untouched for one day (this allows you to walk away from your ideas or frustrations)
  • Don't forget to make note of any sources you have used to avoid plagurism

Now....Edit your rough draft!

  • After taking a day or two break from your assignment, using a pen or pencil, make any changes to your paper
  • Have a friend or Teacher Librarian also edit your work using another colored pen
  • Since you have started your assignment early, make an appointment with your teacher to discuss your work and ask for any descriptive feedback

Once this is complete - write your final draft!

  • Keep in mind that since you have many edits, your work should be polished by the end - read your work out loud
  • This helps avoid any unclear ideas or sentences
  • Ensure your work is correctly cited using APA, Chicago Style or MLA format.